When Julda’s husband fell sick, she faced the growing deficit of support for aging Californians.

Hi, my name is Julda

Next week, I’ll be 88 years old. I have wet macular degeneration in both eyes and need to see the doctor for eye injections. My husband, almost 90, takes more than a dozen medications to manage his dementia, lymphedema, and excessive fluids.

We’re a team. I take care of him, and we try our best. Without someone to help us both, it scares me to think of what the future holds. The unaided pressure takes an emotional toll on me.

My and my husband’s conditions are serious, and, at times, I feel a sense of helplessness facing it alone. And, I am about to reach a tipping point thinking about how unattainable real, lasting help is. It would change our lives if I could afford professional, in-home help caring for my dear husband.

I’m hopeful knowing things can be better for my children. We must help legislators realize the challenges of aging in California. We must help policy-makers see how dreadful our state’s future looks if we continue to let carelessness create a crisis.

Long-term services and supports keep seniors healthy.

As our state’s population ages, our system is ill-prepared. We need to safeguard our future by raising awareness and strengthening these programs across the state. Ensure the future receives the care that Julda and her husband need. Help California Age On. Rage On.