When Lupe retired from teaching dance, she found her creative inner child.

Hi, my name is Lupe

I’m 86 years young. I live in my own home and climb 43 stairs to get to the front door several times a day. My situation demands that I keep moving but if not for my local senior center and the services it provides, I won’t be able to continue living at home.

The senior center is a place I can be active. I was a volunteer there for over 20 years, and I founded and led the dance school there that continues helping seniors like me remain mobile. The center gives me a place to dance and interact with others. Without it, I would be alone and unable to express myself with friends. In fact, the center has allowed me to find my inner child and even enjoy the childhood I missed.

My parents immigrated from Mexico when I was young. I had to be an adult at an early age, acting as their interpreter and helping them learn American ways. Now, thanks to the senior center, I have not only found my creative side but can even share it with others. Although I have a loving family and a wonderful granddaughter, they are extremely busy, and I only see them occasionally. I feel lucky to have friends at the senior center who make me feel young and keep me healthy.

Long-term services and supports along with the workforce required is a crucial part of our community keeping seniors healthy.

Without adequate funding and a well-trained workforce, the centers that provide long-term services and supports won’t be available to help future generations enjoy their later years. We need to make sure tomorrow’s Californians can Age on. AND Rage On. Get involved now.