Age On. Rage On.™

LeadingAge® California launched the Age On. Rage On.™ campaign in 2019 to bring to light the urgent need to develop a Master Plan on Aging in California that expands (1) Long-Term Services and Supports for older adults and (2) The Caregiver Workforce necessary to ensure that all Californians can age with dignity.

What does Age On. Rage On. mean?

Age On. Rage On. is inspired by California's older adults who are living life to its fullest and redefining what it means to age. Our campaign highlights those who want to see a change in how the public perceives aging. These are individuals who want to see government action that supports the state's growing, aging population, all while celebrating what makes aging so amazing.

California’s population is diverse and vigorous – we’re living life to its fullest. That should be no different for older Californians. We should all have the same opportunity to thrive and have access to worry-free, high-quality care.

California’s older adults deserve to #AgeOnRageOn.

Too many older adults are already being left behind, living an unhappy existence without access to the care needed to age with dignity. Without significant change, aging Californians will suffer at an even more frightening rate as our elderly population is projected to grow more than twice as fast as the overall population.

California must do something now. We are fighting to ensure that all older adults receive resources essential to living a long, happy, fulfilling life.

LeadingAge® California, its members and those of you who join the cause and take the pledge are working tirelessly to hold our elected officials accountable for identifying and implementing a solution that enables California’s older adults to thrive.

Sign the #AgeOnRageOn pledge today to protect California’s older adults.

About LeadingAge® California

LeadingAge® California is the state's leading advocate for high-quality, nonprofit senior living and care. It represents nearly 600 not-for-profit community-based member organizations that serve the needs of approximately 120,000 older adults. Members span the full continuum of senior living and care – including affordable housing, continuing care retirement communities, assisted living, skilled nursing, home- and community-based care and business partners and residents.

Since 1961, LeadingAge® California has served, inspired and advocated for its member organizations and the state’s older adults. As the champion of aging services in the state, the association prides itself on its deep relationships and credibility in aging that enable it to provide members with the tools needed to carry out their philanthropic missions.

The missions of LeadingAge® California members are to serve adults across the economic spectrum and at various life stages. With a long history of community involvement (some for more than 120 years), LeadingAge® California member communities are trusted local resources for older adults.

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