Below are the real-life stories of people in your community. As part of the Age On. Rage On. campaign, we interviewed people experiencing the good and the bad of our system, and these are their stories.

As you read the stories below, keep in mind that without a significant change all the positive outcomes depicted could disappear and all the negatives will only get worse. Please help us prepare for the future, take the pledge to show your support, AND if you have a story to share, please do it here to help us showcase the need for a change to the legislators.



When Treva fell, Social Security and Medicare couldn’t cover her. Her family helped out, but not everyone is as lucky as Treva.

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Senior hispanic female


When Maggie lost her husband, she still found a community.

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When Francis was forced to be homebound, hot meals and taxis were at her door.

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senior hispanic female


When Lupe retired from teaching dance, she found her creative inner child.

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When the medallion crumbled, Ed found means to get active and healthy.

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When John needed mental health and financial support, Andy got him through the systems.

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