When Candacie left a marriage, she found support in a shelter’s community of friends.

Hi, my name is Candacie.

Working as a school and hospital nurse throughout my life, I recently achieved the age of 67. I expected these last few years to fill me with hard-won satisfaction and ease.

But, despite my plans for retirement, I couldn’t have prepared for life’s shocking surprises. After all my hard work, my divorce left me without a home. And, for years, lack of information, resources, and help hindered my stability.

Without a supportive husband, I lived in fear for my well-being and safety. But, I was lucky: I found shelter and support in my local community at Shelter Plus. Friends of the shelter helped me rejoin society and regain my sense of self.

For me, it was exactly the support I needed to overcome obstacles to living freely and abundantly. I know there are a growing number of older adults like me facing real dangers and desperate realities every day.

I don’t want to imagine what would happen if we lost the support of long-term shelters. Let’s not gamble with life and death.

A caring workforce and long-term services and supports keep California seniors healthy.

As our state's population ages, shelters, supportive programs, and their trained workforces struggle. The system is ill-prepared. We must come together to strengthen these programs across the state. Ensure that future generations receive the help that Candacie relied on. Help California Age On. Rage On.