When Maggie lost her husband, she still found a community.

Hi, my name is Maggie

I was a teacher for over 40 years and volunteered at the local senior center for 20 years. My husband and I both worked with the senior center. When we retired, we continued volunteering there and gradually found ourselves leaning on the center for support.

Last year, my husband passed away. Over the years, all my close friends passed on too.

Without family nearby, it can get very lonely and depressing. I now rely on the senior center not only for the services it provides but also for a sense of community that keeps me going. Without the support and services it offers, I have no doubt I would be depressed and very likely in a hospital needing psychiatric help. The center’s services keep me healthy both physically and emotionally.

For me, this place began as a second home. Now, it is my home. And my family too. I can’t imagine what would happen to someone like me without the support provided through these state initiatives.

Long-term services and supports along with the workforce required is a vital part of our community keeping seniors healthy.

Long-term services and supports are a vital part of the community, keeping aging Californians healthy. As our state’s population ages, the system is ill-prepared to sustain the types of programs and trained workforce necessary to provide the services and support. As a community, we must come together to raise awareness and to show the need to strengthen these programs across the state. Help ensure that future generations will receive the care and support that Maggie and her friends relies on everyday. Help California Age On. Rage On.